Insurance Claims

Dent repair Insurance claims

We are Insurance Company Approved!

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the preferred method of repair by all insurance companies, for minor scratches and damage to your vehicle. Kalamazoo Dent Repair works with your insurance company to insure your vehicle damage is repaired correctly, and in a timely manner.

Dent Repairs with Your Insurance Company

You are the insured party and vehicle owner. You have ave the right to choose who will complete the repairs of your claim. Many insurance companies will attempt to have to use one their “preferred” or “recommended” shops. These recommendations typically have more to do with the discount that the repair facility offers your insurance company, versus the quality of work.

Insurance estimates are often times lower than the actual damages required to repair your vehicle. It is important to get multiple estimates for any major car repairs to obtain a fair settlement.

Picking the Right Dent Repair Shop

The majority of auto body shops outsource their PDR repairs, as they do not have anyone in-house. Why not save money and go direct?

Kalamazoo Dent Repair offers both mobile and drop off for your convenience depending on the severity of your damage or service needed.

Kalamazoo Dent Repair works directly with local auto body shops also. If you do decide to go to a full service body shop, ask them to use Kalamazoo Dent Repair.